Creating new Minecraft experiences

HowiePvP is not an average Minecraft server. Create kingdoms. Fight custom bosses. And the world's so realistic, you won't believe you're in Minecraft.

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Innovative technology

Unifying AI and Minecraft

HowiePvP is proud to be one of the first Minecraft servers to have built-in natural language processing capabilities. Powered by OpenAI ChatGPT, users can ask questions and get instant responses about gameplay and other topics.

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Breaking boundaries

“Wait, this is Minecraft?”

Our server introduces features never seen in the Minecraft space. A realistic world. Custom dimensions. New items. Overpowered mobs. It's so unique, you won't believe you're in Minecraft.


A new experience

Our gameplay experience is like no other. Start out in the Overworld, where you choose from six RPG-style classes, and receive your class weapon. Find a spot to place your kingdom, but beware of mobs!

Once you've found a spot, get a job (an in-game one; we're not pay-to-win!) and start collecting resources for money. Fight mobs for special rings, amulets, and armor.

When you're ready, you can advance to the Nether. Be sure to take some friends (if you have any); the mobs there are much stronger! But it's worth it—there are new ores that you can use to upgrade your armor or get some extra cash.

Is the Nether too easy for you? Build a portal to the Aether, where you can fight mythical creatures for extra-rare items. On HowiePvP, the possibilities are endless.

A green dragon in a Minecraft forest


Lightning speed

Say goodbye to lag disrupting your fights. HowiePvP runs on blazing-fast hardware in highly secured datacenters. Our software is optimized for the maximum performance possible, using tested and proven technologies. On top of that, our servers have amazing networking capabilities, so you'll have a smooth experience no matter where you are.

So what are you waiting for?

Don't miss out on the fun for any longer.

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